Dear Sir or Madam

Re: Business Investment Loan & Project Funding

I bring you greetings in the name of Allah, the merciful. May Allah's protection be upon you especially in these uncertain times created by the pandemic. Please keep safe and well. I am glad to introduce to you this very important project; you cannot go wrong with it.  Based on your years of professional knowledge, experiences, and business management as enlisted in your profile, I am confident you will make a good partner.

We offer debt loan funding to projects areas such as construction and commercial real estate development, equipment finance (including aircraft and ships), financial markets and banking projects, hospitality, independent power projects, industrial and manufacturing projects, information technology companies, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects, oil and gas facilities, sports and entertainment facilities, petrochemical projects, power transmission and distribution projects, renewable energy projects, telecommunications projects, transportation infrastructure (including port facilities, railways, airports and toll roads), water treatment and desalination projects, and any other lucrative projects.

We have an available amount of funds allocated for projects in your country/region which we aim to re-invest through project funding, debt loan funding to third party investors and project owners on a 1.75% interest rate per annum. This will then be directed to long term investment projects that can generate up to 5-10% return on investment (ROI) within the period of investment.

Do kindly indicate your interest or otherwise. When you indicate your interest, further operational details will be sent to you which will require the assessment of your affordability and capability to handle this project.

I await your kind response.

Best Wishes,

From Ras Al Hamal Global Services FZ-LLC

PO Box 28922B01-148, Service Block.
Al Hulaila Industrial-FZ RAK,
United Arab Emirate
Email:  office.mail@citromail.hu

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